About Us

pavers drainage solutions“We know you’re busy, we’ll get the job done, and let you know when it’s finished.” pavers drainage solutions

B&M’s Pave N Drain is a proud Western Australian family-owned business, which has been providing drainage/soakwells and brick paving services for over 20 years.

We are a leading provider of brick paving and drainage services to the Western Australian market and will be happy to provide you with the B&M’s service to keep any sized job on schedule – small or large.

Our services include solving drainage or flooding issues, installing soakwells, spoon or channel drains and quality innovative brick paving.

We deliver high quality solutions with fast, reliable and friendly service.

Our dedication to our clients and people is illustrated by the satisfaction of our clients and the length of tenure of our team.

At B&M’s Pave N Drain we are committed to


60% of our business is repairing work done by others – so it will pay to call us!


  • To Deane and Susan,
    Amazing, efficient, and extremely grateful. Thank-you very much.
    Francesca Dimasi
  • Cheryl and I are very impressed with the work done to our home. The low milestone retainer, colorbond fence and brick paving have been completed to our entire satisfaction. I also commend the attention to detail, neat and clean workmanship of Chris and Duncan. David Bentley
  • Thank you for all your assistance it has been a pleasure dealing with you all as a company, please let Dean know he can come and use my place as a work reference anytime! Paul Ogilvie
  • Two cheerful hardworking men turned up on Saturday and completed the job with no fuss or mess left. Thank you Louise Flavelle